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VR/AR/360 Production: Making the Case Inside an Organization

Cutting-edge video might attract a few viewers, but issues of cost and complexity scare some organizations away from VR/AR/360 production. At the recent Video Marketing Power Summit (VMPS) in New York City, two panelists explained how new technology can be good for the bottom line and doesn’t have to be expensive.

“We recently did the Winter Classic 360 video for the NHL and NBC Sports, and response was tremendous,” said Ian Busching, founder and CEO for Dig Down Media. “We had over 850,000 views in 24 hours, over 60 percent engagement rate, and over 2 times their average views on video. So for us, we’d go out and show that to them and say we’re creating content that adds value to your traditional broadcast and now you’re bringing viewers from Facebook into your live broadcast. So now they’re tuning in to another element that they can see.”

One problem area for VR/AR/360 production is when companies offer it simple because it’s the new hot element, but not because it fits organically within a campaign. As TJ Vitolo, chief communications officer for Envrmnt explained, companies that want to see real results from it need to use it as one component in a larger campaign.

“It’s important to have content that fits with what you’re trying to achieve. So for instance, with 360 video, just doing 360 video isn’t enough. It needs to make sense for the product that you’re trying to put out to the public,” Vitolo said. “What we’ve been focused on as an organization starting back in 2016 is that we found the biggest barriers of entry for brands and marketers were essentially cost and understanding how to use the technology. And so what we’ve been focused on with our clients essentially is to drive positive ROI in a marketing standpoint. So while most people think new technologies are costly, we’ve been focused on institutionalizing augmented reality development with tools that allow brands, marketers, and agencies to create augmented reality experiences with very little cost so they get to experiment.”

For more from both panelists, watch the clip below.


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