VidGrid Brings Interactive Videos to All Parts of the Enterprise

A standard video is just half a conversation, says VidGrid. That’s why the company wants to bring two-way interactive video to all parts of the enterprise, letting anyone create and share videos with no technical help required.

VidGrid“VidGrid” is the new name for St. Paul, Minnesota-based Ilos Videos, which has reimagined its platform as an interactive tool and changed the company’s name to reflect that. With standard video the viewer can’t interact with the video-maker, says VidGrid CEO Nick Stokman. But adding interactivity makes a video into a conversation.

The VidGrid system includes three elements: capture, converse, and control. Video capture is open to everyone in the organization, and employees can choose to capture their voice, screen, or webcam image. That’s captured video is instantly sharable.

Converse means bringing two-way interactivity to corporate videos, which can take the form of real-time comments, quizzes, surveys, and calls-to-action. When viewers can participate, they’re more engaged in the experience, VidGrid says.

Finally, control means storing those internal videos and sharing them. All recorded videos are automatically saved to a central location, no matter where they were captured or the device used. If users update a stored video, every shared or embedded copy automatically gets updated.

While this is similar to Ilos Videos’ previous offering, there are important differences, especially in interactivity. Users can now add adaptive questions that bring the viewer forward or backward in the video depending on their responses. They can also add questions and surveys that don’t have right answers, create call-to-action buttons that link to offsite pages, and save commonly used questions to a library for easy reuse. The management functionality has also been improved, as users can now rename, merge, move, share, create GIFs, and change thumbnails all without clicking into the video.

VidGrid (the company) is pushing VidGrid (the platform) for all parts of the organization. Marketers can use it to create promotional videos, while sales teams can create video clips for their customer outreach. Trainers can create interactive video lessons, while support teams can add explanatory voice or video their answers when responding to questions.

“Converse is a whole new way of looking at video communication. Before, with tools like Slack or Gmail, you would post a video inside of a message,” Stokman says. “Now, you post a message inside of a video through interactive comments, reactions, and calendar links. One of the most exciting applications for this is sales prospecting—an area that has long been saturated with text email outreach. We started using interactive videos in our own sales outreach, and have gotten a nearly 50 percent click-through-rate, which is unheard of. We are also seeing a huge conversation rate on the demos from our outbound because people are scheduling the demos right from the call-to-action buttons in the videos.”

The company is offering a free trial for anyone interested. Visit for more information.


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