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Instagram and Snapchat Stories Key to Reaching Young Viewers

If marketers want to reach younger viewers, they better pry themselves away from Facebook and YouTube and start investing in Instagram and Snapchat Stories. Video creation platform VidMob has released a study on young people’s viewing habits and the results are essential reading.

Instagram and Snapchat StoriesSocial video is the new TV for young people, VidMob declares. Consider that 33 percent of millennials’ online time is spent watching video. For Gen Z, it’s 41 percent. Also, 59 percent of Gen Z online video time is spend on social platforms. That’s five times more than they watch linear TV and twice as much as they watch streaming services.

Instagram and Snapchat Stories get regular views by 70 percent of Gen Z members, VidMob found, and Gen Z outpaces Millennials in their consumption of Stories videos.

For marketers looking to Stories videos for younger viewers, VidMob has some advice. First off, young viewers prefer ads that have a similar style and taste to their own. But don’t try to match their gender, age, or ethnicity; they see those elements as less important.

Don’t hit them with high frequency: Young viewers are turned off by repetitive ads, and that bad impression carries over to the brand. They prefer videos that are short and fresh, so offer them something new as often as possible. And try to get the music right. They like that, too.

“VidMob is immersed in the world of mobile video and we have noticed a number of interesting trends among younger audiences that we sought to validate with a formal study,” says VidMob CMO Stephanie Bohn. “Our study focuses on actionable creative insights for brands seeking to connect with Gen Z and Millennial consumers.”

VidMob arrived at its findings by surveying 1,000 16- to 24-year-olds and 1,000 25- to 34-year-olds in the United States. View the full study online for free (no registration required).

For more advice on succeeding with Stories, read these five tips from Facebook.


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