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DAM for Video Marketers: An Easier Way to Keep Track of Files

Asset management is especially tricky for marketers, and video files take up a lot of room. Rather than storing those files in a network folder or simply uploading them to the company’s YouTube channel, consider a digital asset management (DAM) system. The people at Widen are DAM experts, and they’ve created a DAM guide just video marketers.

DAM for Video MarketersConsider how a management system makes the whole video lifestyle easier, Widen says. Videos are created either internally or by outside agencies, and once they exist it’s the marketer’s job to store them in a central place where the teams that need to access them can easily do so. But marketers also need to watch and analyze video metrics to see what’s performing well and what isn’t. Then, once a campaign is over, it’s the marketer’s job to store creative assets in a cost-effective way.

“Marketing today is about creating and publishing as much engaging content as you can. Video is the most fruitful medium for scaling your content operations,” says Al Falaschi, video product manager at Widen. “At Widen, our first choice is to interview our customers on video. From that single interaction we can generate at least ten pieces of content, including shorter clips and topics for blog posts and social media, quotes on webpages, audio clips for podcasts, and the list goes on. There is not another media type that can help scale content creation as well as video can.”

Widen’s guide dives into those key areas: video creation, management, distribution, analysis, and archiving, suggesting useful features that are essential for any growing operation. A good management system should be able to add metadata to content, for example, to help find it later. And it should include a user access system so files are restricted to the teams that need them. YouTube doesn’t have access and permission controls, it points out.

“Video is extremely useful for two importing things in marketing: explaining complex subjects and eliciting an emotional response. In business, time is at a premium, so it behooves organizations that have complex services, products, or topics to enlist the help of video to increase a viewer’s understanding and decrease the amount of time they need to absorb it,” Falaschi points out.

For more on the benefits of DAM for video marketers, download “A Marketer’s Guide to the Video Galaxy” for free (registration required).


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