CTV Completion Rates Peak at 97%, Finds Extreme Reach Q2 Report

People don’t skip ads when they’re streaming premium video on their TV sets. Cross-platform advertising solutions specialist Extreme Reach released its Q2 2018 Video Advertising Benchmarks Report today, and found that CTV completion rates for premium inventory reached an astounding 97 percent. Premium publisher video viewed on other devices only gets 87 percent completion. Clearly, if marketers want to make sure their ads play all the way through, they need to invest in premium programming streamed to the biggest screen in the house.

CTV Completion Rates

The average video completion rate rose to 83 percent in Q2 2018.

The report offers good news for video completion rates on any platform, as percentages were up across the board, no matter the device or ad length. Premium video showed the biggest gains, however, as 92 percent of ads on premium video played all the way through. That’s up 16 percent year-over-year. Video completion rates overall reached 83 percent, a new high (see chart), up 12 percent year-over-year.

Consumers are watching more video on their TVs and less on their desktops and tablets. For the fifth quarter in a row desktop and tablet views declined. Consider that in 2015 52 percent of all video ad impressions were on desktops, while in Q2 2018 desktop made up only 23 percent. Also, tablets make up 9 percent of impressions.

As for ad types, both marketers and consumers agree that shorter is better: 6-second ads were popular buys and got an 82 percent completion rate, nearly 11 percent higher than they got in Q1.

“This quarter reveals the amazing opportunity in CTV,” says Mary Vestewig, senior director of video account management at Extreme Reach. “CTV is clearly on the path to becoming the dominant platform for media consumption, and premium inventory is the most sure-fire audience draw. Soon, I’m sure we’ll see more moves like Roku’s new ad marketplace, as these platforms prove a viable means of reaching audiences now fragmented across linear and OTT TV.”

Extreme Reach’s report is based on video campaigns served by the Extreme Reach platform in the second quarter of 2018. View the full report for additional data on CTV completion rates, viewability, and more (no registration required).


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