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360 Video: Impress With Quality Over Quantity, Says Meredith

How amazing were the panelists at the first annual Video Marketing Power Summit in New York City? So amazing that one of them had won an Emmy the night before. Mia Tramz, editorial director for enterprise and immersive experiences at Meredith Corporation, and her team had just won a Sports Emmy for “Capturing Everest,” which documented a complete Everest climb in 360 video.

Capturing Everest 360 Video:If Tramz’s bosses had had their way, that win wouldn’t have happened. They weren’t originally looking for prestige projects; they wanted volume.

“When I was first brought on to Life VR, which was the role I had before I just came back to Time recently, the original proposition was to create a high volume of 360 experiences,” Tramz explained. Those experiences would go on the websites for a variety of Meredith titles, including People, Sports Illustrated, Time, Travel & Leisure, and more.

“They wanted me to basically come up with an editorial, say, where we were pumping out 360 video experiences in high volume,” Tramz recalled. “And I basically said if that’s what you want me to do with this role I won’t take it because we will not succeed that way. There’s not a large enough audience to be watching that much video. You’re going to be throwing your money out the window.

“What would be a much better approach that I will sign on for is picking really, really ambitious projects that when people come across them in their daily lives they have to watch. They are so compelled by what the project is they will go through whatever hoops are necessary on the technological side to see them, and that’s what I was allowed to do, and that’s where we found success. So, instead of creating a bunch of 360 basketball videos for SI, we created a project called ‘Capturing Everest,’ which was the first bottom-to-top climb of Everest in VR, and we just won an Emmy with it last night.”

Thinking about creating VR or 360-degree videos? Use Tramz’s own test to judge if it’s worthwhile. Does it make the viewer say “Oh my god!” and immediately share it with their friends? If not, look for another project.

Watch Tramz discuss 360 video below.


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