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Video Marketing Silos Need to Be Reorganized for Today’s Viewers

In a cross-screen world, why do companies still have video marketing silos? Because organizational change is slow, even when the rest of the rest of the media world is shifting quickly.

Video Marketing Silos

Kathleen Comer of The Trade Desk and Eric Ferguson of Nielsen

But change needs to happen. Rather than having marketing teams for TV, digital, social, and more, agencies need to blend these teams together in a way that reflects larger viewing patterns. At the recent Video Marketing Power Summit in New York City, Kathleen Comer, vice president of client services for The Trade Desk, made that point:

“There’s never been a time more like now to focus on the consumer and focus on potentially reorganizing our own organizational structures to mirror the way that the modern consumer consumes media,” Comer said. “Our team at the trade desk is agnostic and just as a consumer is going to be as much of an expert in consuming desktop display advertising as they are online video as they are connected TV as they are audio, our team is experts in all of those different channels or fields also. I think that’s a huge asset because consumers aren’t consuming media in silos. Perhaps this is an interesting point in time to consider organizing our own competencies around that holistic understanding.”

The purpose of breaking down silos and getting groups working together isn’t just creating more in-house efficiency. Doing so reflects how consumers interact with media and leads to stronger campaign results.

“The more that we can do to mirror the way that we shape campaigns, shape plans, shape the way that we deliver insights back to clients, we should be pushing further and further to understand that holistically,” Comer said. “Ultimately, the marketer needs a holistic understanding of what happened, what worked, how did that customer move down the path to purchase.”

For more on video marketing silos from Kathleen Comer of The Trade Desk, watch the clip below.


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