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Video Marketing By the Numbers: Who’s Making Videos and Why?

Short-form videos are created most often by 61 percent of marketers. Also, 38 percent stream live videos to their brands’ fans, 33 percent host webinars, and the same amount create interactive videos. Over a quarter—29 percent—use vlogs. Call this article video marketing by the numbers.

video marketing by the numbersTaking a census of the video marketing world, automated video production company Wibbitz surveyed 1,064 experts from companies of all sizes. The survey was done in May 2018, and Wibbitz just released the results.

The most effective social platforms for brand video are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, marketers say. That’s not quite where brands are putting their money, however: When posting paid content, marketers choose Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, in that order.

Upload videos to paid or organic channels? How about both: 37 percent upload their videos only to organic channels, and 23 percent spend only on paid channels. But a big 39 percent of video marketers upload their videos to both paid and organic channels.

Social platforms are the most popular option for paid video ads, with 43 percent spending their budgets there. Also, 31 percent spend on online banner ads, 26 percent on search ads, and 18 percent use paid content placement on external sites. Surprisingly, only 15 percent send videos with a press release.

Not every marketers runs ads on paid social platforms, and of those who don’t 46 percent say their budget won’t support it. Another 16 percent aren’t convinced the ROI makes it worthwhile.

“Content marketing is one of the most impactful ways to connect with audiences and, by incorporating online video, marketers are able to tell their story through the medium and channels that resonate best with today’s consumers,” says Zohar Dayan, CEO and co-founder of Wibbitz. “The results of our study underscore the need for marketers to evaluate how they spend their limited time and resources, and seek out tools that power beautiful, but efficient, video creation.”

For more video marketing by the numbers, view the full results (registration required).


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