Measure All Video From One Dashboard: SimpleReach Makes it Simple

SimpleReach says measuring video campaign performance is too complicated, so it aims to make it, yes, simple. Measure and track all campaigns—whether owned, publisher partner, or influencer—with one dashboard, and use that data to make decisions for improving performance on websites, mobile apps, social media channels, or OTT platforms. That the promise of the SimpleReach video measurement platform.

Getting performance metrics into one common dashboard is a good start, but SimpleReach also wants that data speaking the same language. That’s why marketers can set their own definitions, such as deciding what constitutes a view, so that results are consistent and easy to measure even though they come from different video platforms.

SimpleReach’s strength is helping marketers dive into data and improve their ROI, and now it’s bringing that skill to video campaigns. The video dashboard can pull data from over a hundred platforms, as well as the customer’s social media channels. It’s available to all customers, and they can easily use the settings to create their own measurement definitions.

“This is the first time a brand or agency has been able to bring together video engagement data (e.g. total time spent, watch rates, etc) from any website they own, all of their social platforms, and from hundreds of premium publishers and influencers,” says Edward Kim, SimpleReach’s founder and executive chairman. “This partner performance data comes directly from publishers and influencers that have directly authenticated their accounts into the SimpleReach network, which has more branded content publishers than anyone else.”

Having marketers create their own definitions sounds like a useful answer to the current lack of standardization, but won’t that add more variation into an industry that has too much variation as it is? Platforms are unlikely to change, Kim says, so creating a standard view for each marketer is the best option until the industry adopts uniform definitions for key metrics.

Those looking for more information can request a demo from SimpleReach.

SimpleReach video measure

Controls for the SimpleReach video measurement platform


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