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Facebook Video Creation Kit Helps Brands Prepare for the Holidays

Not to be a spoilsport, but these sunny days of July are the right time to prepare for holiday shoppers. With the Facebook Video Creation Kit and two other methods, the world’s biggest social network aims to make it easy.

Video Creation Kit

The good news is that the Facebook Video Creation Kit will let brands use their existing images, add a few overlays and logos, and walk away with mobile-friendly video ads in minutes. The bad news is that the kit won’t be ready until August. In a blog post, the company notes how fitness site Noom tested the kit and saw a 77 percent increase in performance compared to static ads. The video below shows how brands can combine images, text, and overlays to create effective video ads in 3 steps. It’s the easiest way around to create original video for mobile devices.

Augmented Reality

Facebook Video Creation Kit

Michael Kors was the first brand to experiment with a clever AR ad on Facebook.

For brands with a bit more time and money to invest, Facebook is beginning to offer augmented reality (AR) ads in its News Feed. Michael Kors was the first company to try this out with an eye-catching ad that lets people capture their image with their camera’s front-facing camera, then superimpose a pair of sunglasses on top. Shoppers could turn their head to see how the shades look from every angle, then vote Yay or Nay. If they liked what they saw, they could buy the glasses right there. It’s a clever spot, and an idea Sephora and other advertisers will soon duplicate. While the AR ads aren’t available to all brands at the moment, Facebook says it will roll the format out more broadly through the rest of 2018.

Win on Instagram

With Instagram a more important social platform for young adults than Facebook, many brands will want to go directly to the image-sharing app. Facebook has brands covered there, as well, and has introduced collections. In a collection, a viewer can browse through additional products in their feed without leaving the app. Retailer Netshoes has been testing this feature and saw a 6.3 percent conversion lift and a 42 percent decrease in conversion cost as compared to other ad types. Collections is now available to all brands.

With the Facebook Video Creation Kit, AR ads, and Instagram collections, brands can plan for a happy and lucrative holiday season. Now let’s get back to the beach while the warm days are still here.


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