Mobile Video Pre-Rolls Making Gains for Publishers: Ooyala

Charting the performance of mobile video pre-rolls, mid-rolls, and a lot more is the latest quarterly report from online video platform Ooyala.

For broadcasters, 44 percent of pre-roll video ads were on phones, up from 31 percent the year before. Pre-rolls on tablets made up 14 percent of impressions (down from 16 percent the year before). In all, mobile devices counted for 58 percent of all pre-rolls.

Mobile Video Pre-RollsPublishers, on the other hand, serve a lot more pre-rolls on desktops and notebooks. Computers counted for 72 percent of all publisher pre-rolls, up from 56 percent the year before. Meanwhile, phone pre-rolls dropped to 23 percent from 31 percent the year before, while tablet pre-rolls counted for 5 percent, down from 14 percent the year before.

Connected TVs are huge for broadcaster mid-rolls. While only 5 percent of pre-rolls are streamed on TVs, 18 percent of mid-rolls went to TVs, up from 8 percent the year before.

When it comes to pre-roll ad completions, Ooyala notes, “Pre-roll ads have been essentially bulletproof for broadcasters, as the nature of their premium content has consistently managed to keep completion rates significantly higher than those for publishers.” That explains why broadcasters saw completion rates of 91 percent on TVs and 84 percent on computers.

Publishers get completion rates that are nearly as good, such as 74 percent on phones (down from 76 percent the year before) and 83 percent on tablets (up from 71 percent last year).

“The Q1 2018 Global Video Index shows that mobile video—again—is flirting with a 60 percent share of all video starts,” notes Jim O’Neill, principal analyst for Ooyala. “This quarter’s Index also shows that longer content is being enjoyed on all screens and that not only is long-form content being started on mobile devices, it’s being completed at a much higher rate than we had expected.”

Ooyala’s data comes from anonymized metrics for viewers around the globe. It counts over 500 customers serving video to hundreds of millions of viewers. For more data on mobile video pre-rolls and more, download the full report for free (registration required).


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