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The Data Protection Dilemma: How Can Brands Stay Safe?

Video marketers face a minefield when trying to get their message out, and currently the two biggest mines are data safety and brand safety.

At the recent Video Marketing Power Summit in New York City, a panel looked at these and other frequent obstacles facing marketers. Christiana Cacciapuoti of advertising solutions company MadHive pointed out that today’s consumers are highly sensitive to sites using their data without permission.

data“Because we kind of come from the lens of consumer privacy, knowing that especially given this latest news cycle with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, knowing that consumers are now much more aware of just how pervasive data collection is, I think it’s going to put an onus on us as an industry to give them better control over how that data is used, and where and how it’s traveling, and where it’s changing hands,” Cacciapuoti said. “GDPR is going to put a lot of downward pressure on us an industry to do that, but I think in general brand safety is the business of minimizing risk, and if you as a brand are putting your message alongside something in an environment where a consumer has not given explicit and affirmative consent, it’s probably not the best perception of your brand.”

But are poor data collection habits enough to make viewers turn away from a site? Panelist Rachel Nyswander Thomas of the Trustworthy Accountability Group thinks viewers send a different message when they avoid ads.

“There’s a very interesting interplay between what consumers feel about data usage and what they feel about the actual content and experience of the ad,” Nyswander Thomas said. “I think we look at ad blockers and things like that and we think they’re concerned about privacy, and I think that’s not actually what’s going on. I think they’re annoyed about it. It’s a terrible experience, right, of the ad, or whatever else, or even not able to get to the content, or the content’s covered, or whatever…If we are engaging them in the way that they want to begin with, that is a means of trust-building around everything else, as well. And I think that makes data protection and dealing with those kinds of situations a lot easier, if the consumer is actually happy with the way they’re able to engage with you in the first place.”

For more, watch the full clip below.


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