Creator Content Can Boost Unaided Recall By 214%, Says Twitter

Twitter has seen a big turnaround in its fortunes, and video is the reason. Following an aggressive strategy to bring live video to the platform, Twitter enjoyed huge publisher support during the 2018 NewFronts. And as VidCon 2018 rolled around, the company circulated its “Creator Content Playbook” to brands to show how they can benefit with the right partnerships.

creator content on Twitter“Creator” is Twitter’s term for influencer, as the company notes creators are influential because they create content. They create for the love of it, and they love the challenge of working with advertisers, Twitter says.

Working with Magna IPG Media Labs, Twitter generated a few stats on how effective branded creator video can be on its platform. Creator video tweets that include branding in their first 3 seconds boost unaided ad recall by 214 percent. The most effective creator content includes high brand representation, and leads to a 161 percent increase in brand favorability, a 161 percent increase in purchase intent, and a 180 percent increase in recommendation intent.

Twitter and Magna found that 30-second creator videos were perceived as more trustworthy and original by viewers. Also, creator involvement drives viewers to watch for longer.

Creator content is most effective when used in combination with tweets from the brand itself, Twitter finds. Purchase intent rises 5.2x when consumers are exposed to both brand and creator tweets.

“Creators are basically driving purchase intent. They are increasing visibility on incredible brand deals that we do,” said Dennis Todisco, global head of community at Niche, interviewed by at VidCon. Niche is an influencer network that was acquired by Twitter in 2015.

“Creators have a very powerful place on Twitter compared to every other network. A fan is more likely to follow a creator on Twitter than any other platform,” Todisco said. “Twitter is the place for creators to have authentic one-to-one conversations with their fans, where fans are looking to creators to be the source of information, of news, of updates, of conversation, of content.”

During its April 30 NewFront, Twitter announced its Creator Originals program which creates long-from episodic content. Some of its creators—including Tyler Florence, Brittany Sky, and Josh Peck—dropped by VidCon to talk up the partnership.

“It’s basically proof of concept that Twitter is the place to see what’s happening. We’re incredibly proud and happy of the results that we’re seeing so far,” Todisco said.


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