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Connected TV Ownership Up 19% Year-Over-Year, Nielsen Reveals

Connected  TV ownership is booming, and at the recent Video Marketing Power Summit in New York City, attendees learned just how much. In a solo presentation, Eric Ferguson, vice president of media analytics at measurement specialist Nielsen, revealed that ownership of all connected TV devices—including TVs and set-top devices—is growing by 19 percent year-over-year.

Connected TV Ownership Nielsen“Any smart TV year-over-year grew at 26 percent, connected device 22 percent, and that compares to internet-connected gaming consoles at only 3 percent growth rate. Overall, that’s 19 percent year-over-year growth rate for any CTV, mostly driven by smart TVs and connected devices,” Ferguson said.

That shows the connected living room devices Americans own. But what do they actually use to stream their favorite shows?

“So percent of individuals in the month of January 2018 using it: 85 percent of owners use it monthly, so people have it and they generally use it. Amounts to 191 million Americans,” Ferguson said. “That too is growing at about 10 percent. If you take usage and compare that to ownership, pretty much follows the same pattern.”

As Nielsen data shows, just because something is widely owned doesn’t mean it’s frequently used. What’s gathering the most dust? Gaming consoles.

“Gaming, highest ownership but not the highest reach, 31 percent. Highest reach goes to any smart TV. That’s 35 percent,” Ferguson noted.

Finally, Ferguson offered a tally of how much streaming people are doing, compared to how much linear TV viewing: “Among all Americans in the month of January, people spent collectively almost eight billion hours using connected TV devices,’ he said. “It’s also important though to put this in a broader context, because we are here, after all, to talk about cross-platform. When I think about cross-platform, I now think of TV as having more than one platform. You have connected TV, and you have linear TV. Well, here’s what happens when you have linear TV. This is the linear TV equivalent to that same calculation. Nearly 40 billion total hours for Americans collectively on linear TV. ”

Do the math and it shows Americans average 4.5 hours per day watching linear TV and 1.5 hours watching TV on a connected device.

For Nielsen data on connected TV ownership and much more, watch the full presentation below.


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