Alphonso Lets Local Businesses Track Viewers and Offline Sales

Small businesses are now getting the same online video marketing tools as the big boys, says Alphonso.

Attendees at the recent Video Marketing Power Summit in New York City were the first to hear about TV data company Alphonso’s exciting new tool for local businesses. Speaking in an opening day kickoff conversation with editor Troy Dreier, Alphonso CRO Mark Gall explained how his company now delivers offline tracking for local ads. His company is able determine which viewers saw a video ad on connected TVs and then purchased that product or service offline afterwards. It’s something Alphonso already offered national customers, and now local businesses can get the same impressive analytics.

Mark Gall of Alphonso

Mark Gall of Alphonso

“We’re able to do a lift analysis on whether the [connected] TV ads are actually driving the behavior of actually going to the store,” Gall explained. “We’re doing that on a national basis and we’ve offered that for the last year. On the local basis, that’s phenomenal, because the local TV stations, they compete against the typical YouTube and Facebook, but also national cable. They have to compete against the local interconnects. They looked at our offering, the ability to do TV to digital targeting from their TV shows as well as the attribution to prove that local TV works, and it’s really phenomenal business.”

The way Alphonso does this is by matching the IDs of all viewers who saw a certain ad on an addressable TV platform (an audience of 35 million people in the U.S.) with a vast network of IDs it gets from partners of people who made purchases at various real-world locations. Alphonso receives refreshed data every hour, and is able to pair viewing data with live location data to show the effectiveness of connected TV advertising, even for local businesses.

To hear Gall explain how it works, watch the below video from the Video Marketing Power Summit.


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