Wibbitz Video-Creation Platform Now Available to Brands

When polled about why they don’t create more online video, brands typically cite the expense and time involved in doing so. There just aren’t enough people on staff or money in the budget to make all the videos brands would like. But a new offering could change that. Wibbitz is known for the simple video-creation platform it offers publishers. Today, it opened that same platform to brands, and added a few improvements.

Wibbitz The Wibbitz platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate much of the video creation process. The company says it reduces production time by up to 90 percent. That means more videos at less expense, as finished works can be completed in minutes.

Because brands demand a little more customization than do publishers, Wibbitz has improved its platform. It now offers a wider font selection, the ability to highlight and outline text, customizable background colors, and new options for aligning elements on-screen.

To help brands get started, Wibbitz has created a series of storyboards. These are templates that let brands create effective ads just by plugging in the right pieces. Wibbitz has storyboards for blog videos, bios, quote highlights, event promotions, product announcements, customer testimonials, and more.

Finally, Wibbitz has added more video stock to its collection thanks to partnerships with Storyblocks and Unsplash. It’s premium content, the company says, and includes footage, still images, and GIFs.

“Visual storytelling is essential for brands’ marketing strategies, and although video is a key component it traditionally has been a huge challenge due to the dependence on outsourcing in order to ensure quality,” says Zohar Dayan, CEO and co-founder of Wibbitz. “Publishers have long seen the benefits of this new method of storytelling, and we know brands will similarly benefit from easy, cost-effective, beautiful video creation.”

The Vitamin Shoppe, TripAdvisor, SimilarWeb, and Bpifrance have already started using the platform.


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