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Gen Z: 5 Tips for Appealing to Young and Engaged Consumers

“This generation is not Millennials 2.0.” So begins a report on generation Z, the people who are now between 6- and 23-years-old, created by MNI Targeted Media. Gen Z was born into the digital world, and its members value authentic experiences. They don’t look to adults for guidance, and believe they can change the world through digital platforms.

Based on its study of Gen Z behavior, MNI offers these five tips for reaching them.

  1. Gen ZKeep Your Content Platform-Specific

These consumers navigate easily between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. They instinctively know which one to use to tell a particular story, and they expect brands to do the same. It’s critical that marketers know the rules of engagement for each platform, and tailor content to fit each.

  1. Be Authentic

Gen Z rewards brands for taking a strong stance on social issues—provided it’s a stance that aligns with their views and values. Consider MTV’s well-received campaign in favor of the National School Walkout, which incorporated a clear message plus a multimedia, user-generated content angle that highlighted the work of specific protestors.

  1. Let Them Create the Content

Gen Z likes to see their peers using a product, and they like to post content on their own channels and see that it gets noticed. Celebrity endorsements hold less sway than the recommendations of their favorite Instagram influencer, or even their friends at school. Same goes for experts—the claim that “8 out of 10 experts recommend” a product means little.

  1. Don’t Forget Price

This generation is frugal and choosy, and they have access to information about every product in the marketplace. That’s why 72 percent say cost is the most important factor when making a purchase. They know how to use the internet to price compare, and no amount of marketing can make them buy unless the price is right.

  1. Bring Digital Into the Real World

Digital and physical aren’t separate to Gen Z—they work together. They’ve seen brands that started in e-commerce then moved to brick-and-mortar, like Warby Parker and Birchbox. While 60 percent of Gen Z shoppers prefer to go into a store over shopping online, 75 percent check a store’s app while they’re shopping there.

For more insights on marketing to young consumers, download “Generation Z: Unique and Powerful” for free (registration required).


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