Connected TV Use Is Dominant, Increasing 75% in One Year

When planning a multi-screen strategy, one screen is becoming far more important than the rest. Video optimization company Conviva and nScreenMedia have released a report called “The Secret Life of Streamers, Part II,” and it finds that connected TV use is up. Way up like a rocket.

Connected TV“In one year, the connected TV has become dominant for premium video in the U.S. Video plays to the device increased 75 percent, while the PC, the former video leader, saw plays fall by a third,” the report begins.

The first “Secret Lives” paper came out two years ago, and in that time online viewing has shifted a great deal. Back then, the paper explains, we did most of our streaming on our computers, while phone viewing saw the most growth.

Compare that to today, when computer viewing is tapering off quickly and tablet viewing hardly rates. Taking their place is the connected TV, growing in both reach and use.

Phones still have the strongest reach: The report notes that 63 percent of Millennials and Gen Xers, and 39 percent of Baby Boomers watch video on their phones. Trailing by only a small about is the connected TV, used by 56 percent of Millennials and Gen Xers, and 36 percent of Baby Boomers.

But for advertisers that want to book spots on premium TV shows, the question is which device matters? Back in 2016, the computer was the clear winner, even during prime time. But today the connected TV is dominant for episodic TV shows. Between 9 and 10 PM, connected TVs handle 48 percent of all episodic video plays. After that, tablets get 22 percent, computers get 19 percent, and phones get 11 percent.

“Conviva has a unique census-level data set capturing detailed viewing habits of billions of streaming video applications and devices across the globe,” says Colin Dixon, founder and principal analyst at nScreenMedia. “Our most recent analysis shows connected TV dominating all devices 24/7, with plays increasing 75 percent, highlighting the rise of this platform at the expense of other screens. The transition from traditional television to streaming television has become more prominent, and viewers are binge-watching multiple shows via connected TV during primetime.”

For more insights on how viewers are streaming their content, download “The Secret Live of Streamers, Part II” for free (registration required).


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