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Peek at Video Ad AI, Adobe’s Video Marketing Platform Time-Saver

For video marketers, the most exciting part of last week’s Adobe Summit conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, came during the Summit Sneaks. This is the part of the conference where Adobe engineers offer a sneak peek at eye-catching technologies from the R&D lab, and then the audience votes on which one it likes the best. Some of the sneaks get integrated in future products and some don’t.

Adobe Sneak Peek

Vishy Swaminathan of Adobe

One of this year’s contenders, called Video Ad AI, could make work a lot easier for video marketers struggling to provide content for multiple video platforms. The technology uses artificial intelligence to predict how videos will do on different platforms. If it predicts that a video isn’t a good fit for one destination—perhaps because of length or content—it can automatically create a new edit that will perform better.

“I’m excited to demonstrate the Video Ad AI framework to help place the right ad in the right context to maximize KPIs,” said Vishy Swaminathan, principal scientist for Adobe’s Big Data Experience Lab.

Users don’t need to rely solely on the technology’s AI-generated revisions, however. The person running Video Ad AI can route new versions to team members for final tweaks and edits in Premiere Pro CC. Once that’s done, those videos can be uploaded to the various online platforms.

Besides creating edits, Video Ad AI is able to scan videos for keywords, taking the hassle out of generating metadata.

While Video Ad AI only took third place in the Adobe Summit presentation, it was certainly number one with video marketers. Here’s hoping it becomes a commercialized product soon.

Other Summit Sneaks technologies included a system for catching bot fraud on ads, a way to create unique marketing journeys for every customer, and a system to greatly speed tag management.

For a peek at what Video Ad AI can do, watch Swaminathan present the technology in the video below.


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