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MRC Viewability Standard Unreasonable, Say 97% of Video Marketers

The Media Rating Council set a low bar for viewability, saying a video ad is considered viewable when 50 percent of its content is on the screen for 2 consecutive seconds. Video marketers overwhelmingly say the MRC viewability standard is baloney, and digital video ad platform ViralGains has the proof.

MRC Viewability ViralGains released a study called Engage at Every Stage: An Investigation of Video Activation, which is based on a survey of 233 senior marketing leaders conducted in the first quarter of this year. It finds that only 3 percent of marketers are satisfied with the MRC standard. Of the rest, 24 percent say only full impressions with the sound on should be considered viewable; 42 percent say the standard isn’t reasonable, but they struggle to come up with a better definition; and 30 percent say the standard is reasonable only because there isn’t a better standard to embrace.

Measurement standards are what this study is all about, finding a huge disconnect between marketers’ plans and their inability to gauge results. The study find that almost half of marketers expect to increase their digital video budgets by up to 25 percent this year, and 87 percent are willing to pay a premium for platforms that guarantee full views and deliver deep insights about the consumers.

However, while marketers are charging into digital video they don’t feel they have the tools to measure their results. ViralGains find 78 percent of CMOs measure their online campaign successes with clicks and impressions, even though they’re being held accountable for bottom-line goals such as improving sales.

“[Marketers] are buying media in a landscape that is still dominated by the power of cheap impressions, a mindset that’s difficult to shift, particularly when it’s controlled by entities like Facebook and Google, both of which benefit from achieving reach over relevance due to their massive scale,” the report says. It notes that marketers lack the tools that let them measure results and drive real business benefits.

The report says deep concerns about transparency are causing many to rethink their digital investments, with 24 percent of those surveyed reducing their spending with Facebook and Google.

For more on the MRC viewability standard and what marketers need, download the full report for free (registration required).


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