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Mobile Game Video Ads: Marketing Success Is All About the Rewards

If people are going to sit through a video ad, they like to be rewarded. But the kind of reward they prefer is determined by their age. That’s one of the findings from Rewarded Video Sentiment Study, a research project created by mobile ad platform AdColony. In its first look at mobile game video ads and their rewards the company surveyed people from three regions—North America; Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and Asia-Pacific—to learn their thoughts.

Mobile Game Video Ads

A wipe-away interactive mobile ad from AdColony, where viewers wipe away dust to see a video.

The results come from 1,158 randomly chosen respondents who were given the opportunity to take a survey after selecting to view an ad on the AdColony network.

The study looked at five types of rewards mobile game players might get for sitting through a video ad: a permanent in-app item (such as a new character or accessory permanently unlocked in the game), a consumable item (a consumable in-app item, such as a resource boost), temporary access to premium content (getting access to behind-the-paywall story that would normally cost money), in-app currency (coins or gems to spend in the game), and a chance to continue (the ad is triggered by a fatal event that would normally end the game). Overall, people preferred them in that order, with a permanent in-app item being the most popular option.

Once AdColony broke the results down by age, however, difference emerged. Generation Z players far preferred getting an in-app item, with currency coming in second. They didn’t want to gain access. Millennials were even more favorable about getting an in-app item or currency. And they were even more negative about gaining access.

For Generation Xers, getting to continue the game or gaining access to a paywalled story were actually the two most popular rewards. For them, gaining a consumable item was the bottom choice. The results for baby boomer gamers were similar, with all respondents feeling favorable about continuing the game and most enjoying access. They were even more negative about consumable rewards.

Yes, older gamers exist, and for the silent generation gaining an in-app item was the most popular reward for mobile game video ads. They were hugely negative about gaining access to paywalled stories.

AdColony also looked at spending in app, and found that players age 35 to 44 were the most likely to open their wallets. The game genres that attracted the most spending were RPG, action, and adventure.


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