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Mixpanel Media & Entertainment Report Shows Where the Viewers Are

Where are the viewers, and are they watching your ads? Billion-dollar analytics start-up Mixpanel has released a Media Benchmarks report for media and entertainment, and its colorful charts are a roadmap for marketers looking for the best possible placement.

MixpanelThe stat pros at Mixpanel looked at the average performance for each area they examined (to get a baseline of what’s typical) and the 90th percentile (to show what’s elite). They compared video viewing for desktop web, mobile web, and mobile apps. Mixpanel’s data comes from an analysis of 349 media and entertainment products representing 3.5 billion users in January and February 2018.

For video performance, mobile apps see many visits than desktop web and mobile web. In fact, mobile apps perform about twice as well as mobile web, with elite apps averaging 6 visits per user per month.

But just because mobile apps get the most visits doesn’t mean they have the best watch time. Desktop web browsers enjoyed the longest viewing sessions, with elite performers averaging 10 minutes per session. However, average desktop web sessions are only 2 minutes 6 seconds. “The ‘lean back’ experience is more powerful on a larger screen,” says NBC senior vice president of digital measurement Blandon Casenave in the report.

As for when people are watching, desktop web gets huge views Monday through Thursday, but absolutely tanks on the weekend. That’s the reverse of mobile apps which only do well Saturday and Sunday.

Now the big question: Are these viewers watching ads? Yes, the report says, with elite performance coming from platforms that force viewers to watch spots before they can see additional content. All three platforms offer strong ad views, with mobile apps offering the highest average ad exposure rates. However, the report cautions against forcing people to sit through too many spots: “As anyone who has been frustrated by spammy ad-infested user experiences can tell you, keeping those numbers high is one thing; keeping users at the same time is another.”

Download the full report—which includes sections on audio, gaming, and written media, as well—for free from Mixpanel (registration required).


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