Facebook Prime Time Is Anytime, Says the Social Network

On TV, prime time is after dinner and before bed. But on Facebook prime time is anytime. The social network has created new educational materials to help video marketers and brands connect to their target viewers no matter when those viewers tune in or what screen they use.

Facebook Prime Time Facebook has added a section called Prime Time Anytime to its Measure What Matters educational area. Measure What Matters is a guide for those uncertain how to compare traditional and online viewing metrics. This new Prime Time Anytime area includes sections on creating cross-screen video marketing campaigns and improving results with video ads.

Its cross-screen section offers resources helping brands learn why mobile advertising is different than TV advertising, and how TV and Facebook video campaigns can work together. It teaches cross-screen campaign planning and offers tips from cross-screen veterans.

“Even though the audience reached on Facebook was different, it was just as valuable to advertisers,” says Richard Bussy, a Facebook Marketing Science Partner, in a video interview. “Most importantly, Kantar Worldpanel found that, among the households studied, those reached by both Facebook and TV produced a sales outcome 1.3X greater than expected, showing the synergistic effect of planning Facebook and TV together.”

The Prime Time Anytime section on improving video advertising results includes resources that help brands see how mobile video impacts traditional duration measurements and compute the price of various video buying options. It also helps brands optimize existing video inventory for mobile viewing, while measuring the campaign results that matter most (i.e. understanding that brand lift is a better metric than duration viewed). Advertisers can run a brand lift study through Facebook or third-party partners Nielsen and Millward Brown.

“Facebook Brand Lift uses experimental design, enabling you to measure the impact of your advertising on brand outcomes by randomizing your audience into test and control groups with similar characteristics. The test group contains people eligible to see your ads, and the control group contains people who won’t see your ads,” Facebook’s resource says.

For more Facebook prime time and cross-screen lessons for brands, visit the Prime Time Anytime area of the Measure What Matters resource.


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