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Brand Storytelling: Be Bold at the Video Marketing Power Summit

There are two words video marketers toss around a lot these days: experience and storytelling. Brands can’t just push products in their ads, they need to create experiences for the viewer. And they can’t just toss out a quick joke and a tagline, because only bold brand storytelling will help a message stand out.

Video Marketing Power SummitIt’s good advice, but at the Video Marketing Power Summit on May 9 a panel of marketing experts will dig a little deeper and explain how to make great storytelling a reality. Marketers who want to cut through the noise need to experiment with form, voice, subject, and even technology to show viewers something they haven’t seen before.

brand storytelling

Kathryn Friedrich of Ryot Studio

While bold brand storytelling will make people take notice, it can also cause a backlash. Brands are hyper-focused on safety these days. How can marketers be sure they’re not censoring themselves when creating new campaigns?

At session VM202 of the Video Marketing Power Summit, hear from Kathryn Friedrich, chief business officer for Ryot Studio; Brendan Gahan, founder of Epic Signal; and Michael Williams, branded content creative director for Mashable; as they explain how they created their most daring and successful campaigns. The session will be moderated by Sahil Patel, a senior reporter for Digiday.

brand storytelling

Brendan Gahan of Epic Signal

“Making great, shareable content is difficult. Selling through great content as advertising is tough as sh*t,” says Gahan. “Brands want to be noticed but they don’t want to be so provocative as to end up hated—threading that needle and creating something f*cking great is an art. In this panel I hope to share (and that my panelists will share), the insights and strategies we’ve used to come up with great creative that will actually build brands and that those brands would actually buy.”

“Brands today are using technology to be disruptive, but also informative and fun,” adds Friedrich. “With so many messages coming at people, connecting with an audience is tougher than ever and at Ryot we help break through the clutter and create experiences that are heard, enjoyed, and shared.”

brand storytelling

Michael Williams of Mashable

The Video Marketing Power Summit is the newest part of the legendary Streaming Media East conference, now celebrating its 20th year. It will take place May 9 in New York City, and the speaker lineup is pretty fantastic.

Save on registration: To convince you to come, we’ve got a discount code. Use code TD18 to get $100 off the price of a Video Marketing Power Summit conference pass. Hope to see you there.


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