YouTube Director Onsite Expands to 170 Cities, Offers Free Video

When we first told you about YouTube Director Onsite in June 2016, it was available in six U.S. cities, and we said it would be expanding “eventually.” Well, eventually is here.

YouTube Director OnsiteYouTube Director Onsite is an amazing deal of a program where YouTube matches local businesses and video directors. As long as the business agrees to spend $350 on YouTube advertising, it gets a professionally-created video ad for free.

It’s one of the best deals going for young companies, and it shows that YouTube isn’t just for giant multinationals. Back when the program first launched, YouTube created an app so companies could create their own ads by filling in a template. Well, the app is gone, but the option to be paired with a professional filmmaker lives on.

To get started, first visit the Director Onsite page and tell YouTube about your business. This helps it pair you with a filmmaker. That pro will call you up and collaborate on a shooting script with you.

Next, the filmmaker will visit your company and shoot video for a 30-second ad. Editing should take a week. After that, you’ll have your own ad.

You don’t even need to worry about uploading the finished product, because a YouTube ad expert handles that. That expert creates a YouTube channel for your business and sets up the ad campaign. Getting a professionally shot and edited video typically costs $1,000 to $5,000, but here it’s free.

Now, $350 isn’t much in startup costs, and the results could be big. According to Nicky Rettke, a group product manager for YouTube, Warmoth Guitar Products used the program to promote its custom guitar service. The company saw a 13x return on ad spend and a 130 percent increase in revenues directly from the ad. Scroll down to see the finished piece.

Visit YouTube Director Onsite for more info. When you’re video is done post a link below so we can all see the result.


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