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Is That Video Really Brand-Safe? A Study Tests Top Creators

How safe is that popular YouTube video? Just because it’s from a top creator and has millions of viewers, don’t assume that it’s completely brand-safe. A recent study from social video analytics company Delmondo and video intelligence company Uru showed that even popular videos can have an unsavory side.

brand-safeThe study used Uru’s technology to automatically analyze 25 recent videos from YouTube’s top 17 creators (after removing music acts from the list). It checked each video for a variety of red flags including weapons, drugs, profanity, negativity, nudity, and violence, then computed a score for each.

It found that none of the 17 creators got a perfect score for brand safety. Of the most popular offences, 67 percent of the videos had profane language, 61 percent expressed negative sentiments, and 16 percent showed or talked about guns.

Now, those offences aren’t as bad as finding a suicide victim and making a video about it, but they might concern some brands. Working with influencers means working with real people, not saints, and videos aren’t always sunshine and positivity.

To see which video creators scored best and worst, scroll down for the infographic Delmondo made about its findings.

While it’s eye-opening that top videos aren’t completely brand-safe-despite everything YouTube and its advertisers have been through in the past year-that wasn’t the most surprising thing Delmondo found. After looking at the viewing and engagement stats for each video, it found that the safest videos performed best: Videos with high brand safety scores had 38 percent higher average views and 73 percent better engagement.

“While you might think that divide speech, or unsafe themes might be more provocative in sparking conversation, it’s clear here that the YouTube audience doesn’t respond well to this and those creators ultimately received fewer views and engagement,” the report says.

For more, contact Delmondo to request the report it created based on this analysis.


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