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Pop-Up Ads Ruin the Experience, Especially for Online Video

Consumers have shouted it loud and clear: They hate pop-up ads, especially when they get in the way of a video. So when will advertisers get the message?

Pop-Up AdsInstart Logic, creator of a cloud-based digital experience platform for brands, revealed the results of its 2018 State of Online Advertising study, and it’s clear what experiences consumers never want to see again. Instart questioned 1,010 people about the ad practices they find most annoying, and the clear winner (with 49.9 percent of the vote) was pop-up ads that appear when a video is playing.

Sure, advertisers want to grab viewers’ attention, but viewers would simply like to enjoy a little video now and then. At least use mid-rolls and wait for a break in the program.

The next most-hated ad practices were ads that obstruct a news article (48.8 percent), pop-up video ads with sound (45.6 percent), and ads that slow a desktop or mobile site (42.7 percent).

While autoplay video ads offer impressive watch metrics, Instart Logic cautions against using them, and suggests that publishers get tough stamping them out.

“Consumers find that autoplay video ads negatively affect their online experience due to things like unexpected sound and hidden buttons which distract from enjoying the content they wanted to view, says Chris Binstadt, general manager of advertising and media for Instart Logic.”One approach that we’ve seen some of our publishing partners take is enforcing tough advertising standards policies, much like traditional magazines did in the old days of print advertising. This, coupled with more selective and intelligent capping of ad frequency, produces a great digital experience while still allowing the consumer to receive the content for free.”

Asked what advertisers can do to improve online experiences, the most popular answer (57 percent) was cut down on the number of pop-up ads.

When asked what types of sites have the most annoying ad experiences, 45 percent said social media sites. That was followed by retail sites (35.6 percent), news sites (34.1 percent), and local news sites (23.5 percent).


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