Mid-Roll Ad Impressions Reach 51% on Mobile, Finds Ooyala Report

In a sure sign that video viewers are going mobile, online video platform Ooyala reports that in the last quarter of 2017 51 percent of all publisher mid-roll ad impressions were on phones, with another 2 percent on tablets. This is a new high. The other 47 percent were on computers.

mid-roll adFor broadcaster videos, 18 percent of mid-roll ad impressions were on phones, 11 percent on tablets, and 20 percent on connected TVs. That also leaves computers in the minority with 40 percent of impressions.

“We’ve seen for several quarters a decline in the effectiveness in pre-roll ads across all devices for publishers; consumers just aren’t willing to sit still for yet another pre-roll ad before they get into their content,” explains Jim O’Neill, principal analyst at Ooyala. “That’s especially true if they don’t put great value in the content or if they can find it ad-free elsewhere. With mid-roll ads, the story is different.”

That’s because viewers are more invested in content by the time they get to a mid-roll ad. They’re more likely to let that ad play.

“The fact that we’re seeing this on mobile devices, that 50 percent of impressions occur on tablets and smartphones indicates that brands and agencies are shifting more spend toward mobile and that there’s also likely an increase in the ad inventory available,” he adds.

The amount of video plays coming from mobile devices has rocketed up. Ooyala finds that 60 percent of all video starts globally come from mobile. That percentage is higher (63.5 percent) in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). North America has a lower rate (57.6 percent) although that shows an 11 percent year-over-year increase.

The other big gainer is medium- and long-form content: The amount of viewing time spent on longer content across all devices is now over 50 percent. Ooyala sees long-form viewing on desktops dropping (it’s now 37 percent of watch time), while short-form viewing on desktop increased (50 percent of watch time).

The report’s data comes from anonymized metrics from the majority of Ooyala’s customers, representing hundreds of millions of viewers around the world. To read more, download Ooyala’s Q4 2017 Global Video Index for free (registration required).


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