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Jaguar and EasyJet Launch VR Ads through OmniVirt’s Self-Service Platform

Top brands like Jaguar and EasyJet have teamed up with OmniVirt to launch VR ad campaigns using OmniVirt’s self-service ad platform.

As brands begin to incorporate VR and AR into their marketing efforts, they face the barrier of high production costs and media distribution challenges. But, getting started with 360° VR doesn’t need to involve high-cost production or complicated editing. Today 360° footage capture is easier than ever. Brands who experiment with 360° by quickly creating compelling content get great performance results.

Jaguar and EasyJet are two such brands that were able to break the production and distribution barriers by having their production agency MaramuraVR customize interactive 360° VR assets on OmniVirt’s self-service platform. By simply uploading 360° footage onto the platform, adding interactive hotspots into the footage without any coding, and choosing the type of ad they’d like to create with that content, MaramuraVR was able to quickly create a 360° ad experience that OmniVirt launches across its network of publishers.

View Jaguar’s 360° photo ad with interactive hotspots, which was created completely on OmniVirt’s self-service platform

Iván Minero of MaramuraVR notes, “the use of self-service platform was very easy for us, and let us set up an entire ad campaign with banner and landing scene. It was important to us to have a solution to set up campaigns and banners quickly that allow us to test and show demos to our clients, from which we could quickly iterate.”

“We are seeing an uptick in customers looking to more easily create engaging experiences without heavy technology requirements. Customers, whether agencies or brands, want a seamless experience, especially especially when they’re testing out emerging formats for the first or second time” notes Brad Phaisan, CEO of OmniVirt.

Immersive advertising is proving to deepen engagement with audiences, and innovative brands like EasyJet and Jaguar are using UX-friendly tech provider solutions like OmniVirt to quickly launch compelling creative.

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