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Fullscreen Launches Proprietary Research Panel TBH to Provide Campaign Testing, Custom Research, and Tailored Insights to Brands

Fullscreen today announced the launch of TBH (To Be Honest), a proprietary panel of social-first millennials that allows advertisers and marketers to conduct custom research and campaign testing to more effectively build their next campaign. With TBH, Fullscreen can now provide brand clients with the ability to measure sentiment and preferences, key insights into specific industries, campaign testing, and more, all from the highly coveted audience of 18-34 year-olds.

Fullscreen’s TBH panel can be used by brands to conduct custom market research that measures everything from what specific channels influence purchase behavior to the types of content that resonate most with millennial consumers. In addition, brands can turn to TBH to measure perception and evaluate changes over predetermined amounts of time, as well as ask industry-specific questions, test upcoming campaigns and content, and understand what impact influencers have on various categories, including awareness, trust, and purchasing power.

“We’re thrilled to offer our brand clients the unique opportunity to hear directly from the voice of the consumer about their favorite brands, influencers, platforms and more,” said Sara Grimaldi, Senior Director of Measurement & Insights, Fullscreen. “As brands realize the impact of social and influencer marketing, the more necessary it becomes for brands to create relevant, targeted content and messages for their key audiences. TBH will allow brands to get a deeper understanding of the audiences they are targeting to create strategic campaigns that maximize ROI.”

Fullscreen has approximately 3,000 opt-in respondents to participate in TBH panels. Panelists are screened by age (18-34) and profiled based on location, interests, and media consumption. Community members can engage in different levels of activities (including polls, discussions, and journal entries) on the TBH website for points toward prizes ranging from gift cards to autographed Fullscreen merchandise. Upcoming research from Fullscreen’s TBH community includes deep dives into beauty, retail, and travel verticals, along with research on the effectiveness of experiential and social commerce marketing.

“With Fullscreen’s custom research offering, we’re able to gain nearly instant insights at various investment levels to be leveraged by both our internal teams and external brand clients,” continued Grimaldi.

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Fullscreen is a global leader in social-first entertainment experiences serving creators, brands and consumers. As a leader in branded content and social marketing services, Fullscreen partners with major brands seeking to engage valuable, elusive youth audiences on social platforms through original entertainment, influencer marketing, multi-platform social content and targeted media through the Fullscreen Video Network. Serving a broad range of clients from offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta, Fullscreen’s rapidly growing brand marketing teams are defining the future of social-first, content-driven marketing.

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