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Fraud and Measurement Top List of Video Marketers’ Concerns

Eyeing the list of challenges online video marketers face, fraud and measurement are the big two. A survey commissioned by mobile marketing platform YouAppi and run by Dimension Research found that 48 percent of the 425 global digital marketing professionals surveyed said that fraud on ad networks delivering their videos was a challenge, up from 33 percent the year before.

fraud and Measurement That was followed by 45 percent who cited the difficulty in measuring the impact of their video investments. That figure rose from 40 percent the year before.

But not every challenge is getting worse. Coming in third is difficulty targeting specific groups, cited by 26 percent of respondents. Targeted is getting easier, as 31 percent called this a challenge the year before.

While there are challenges, the survey found that marketers are overwhelmingly committed to increasing their investment in video. Looking ahead to 2018, 84 percent said they would increase their investment, a rise from 74 percent the year before. For 2018, 15 percent said they would keep their spending at the same level, and only 1 percent would decrease spending.

In its last question, the survey asked marketers what cutting-edge technologies they would invest in to support the customer journey. That’s an easy one, right? Creating virtual reality experiences must be at the top of the list. Nope, it wasn’t even in the top 5. The most popular option was machine learning, chosen by 49 percent of respondents. After that came artificial intelligence (36 percent), mobile payments (27 percent), chatbots (24 percent), and augmented reality (21 percent). Only then—in sixth place—came virtual reality (selected by 15 percent). While VR gets a lot of attention, marketers know that it isn’t ready for mass adoption yet, and that day is likely still years away. What works now are machine learning and AI solutions that help serve the right ads to the right viewers.

For more on fraud and measurement and a lot more, read the full 2018 CMO Mobile Marketing Guide from YouAppi (no registration required).


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