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Facebook Dominates for Video Marketing, Followed by YouTube

Facebook is far newer in the video marketing space, but it already dominates. A study just released by video ad technology company Clinch says that 46 percent of the video ads marketers create are for Facebook, followed by 41 percent for YouTube. After that, Instagram follows with 28 percent, Twitter with 15 percent, and Snapchat with 9 percent.

Why is Facebook the clear leader? Clinch CEO Oz Etzioni explains:

Facebook dominates“People go to YouTube to watch content. Video ads are either before or during the content they wish to watch, therefore they will most likely notice the ad (skipping it if they can) but will eagerly wait for the content to resume playing. It is a linear experience, so brands cannot expect users to engage and act upon their ads.

“Facebook is a different story. Videos on Facebook are the actual content and are part of the users’ news feed. They are made specifically for the Facebook and Instagram platforms in terms of length, format size, and user experience behavior. These videos tend to be quick branded experiences on their own, and therefore are more performance- and engagement-oriented.”

Clinch also asked marketers how they created their online video ads and learned some disturbing news: Most marketers simply repurpose their TV commercials. Of those surveyed, 74 percent take their online ads from their professionally-produced TV spots, often running them at the same 15- or 30-second length. But online platforms recommend shorter spots. Facebook and YouTube recommend running 6-second ads. Only 44 percent of marketers shorten their ads to the recommended length.

“Marketers invest a lot in media personalization-buying the media and the impressions to the specific audiences and individuals they are after-but when it is time to actually show those specific users the message they serve them generic, irrelevant creative. That’s the missing part,” Etzioni says.

Clinch got its data by surveying 227 brand marketers. For more study results, and to learn why online video dominates over native content and display ads, download “How Leading Brands Are Driving Sales Through Personalized Video” for free (registration required).


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