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Adverty brings world’s first platform for programmatic native advertising to AR and VR

Adverty has today announced the release of the world’s first programmatic AR & VR advertising platform for native in-app ad inventory. The platform will be available at some of the world’s largest SSPs (supply-side platform) and allows global agencies, brands and DSPs (demand-side platform) immediate access to a new type of ad space within augmented and virtual realities.

Adverty, which commercially launched in late 2017, has already worked with The Coca-Cola Company and recently added several major advertisers to the platform such as Rovio Entertainment, the company behind Angry Birds.

Ville Heijari, CMO Games, Rovio Entertainment explains “What Adverty are doing is a groundbreaking advertising concept. They’re not only seamlessly integrating advertising into VR and AR, they’re producing a product that’s only charging the advertiser when ads have been fully perceived by the consumer. This transparency delivers the ultimate ROI and is an industry first”.

Having started with native 2D ad surfaces in AR and VR using IAB standards for programmatic display, Adverty is now looking to set the standards for how to deliver programmatic 3D interactive brand experiences in extended realities. Ads will be targeted by hardware, platform, age-rating, location, context and content types, directly into a non-intrusive, natively placed, immersive or augmented experience.

Adverty’s new programmatic platform will also help agencies and brands solve the issue of viewability through its capacity to identify, with absolute certainty, whether a user has seen an ad or not.

Niklas Bakos, the CEO and co-founder of Adverty, commented “It’s an exciting time for us as we’re helping shape the future of digital advertising. As a world first, we’re allowing advertisers to programmatically bring their physical and digital creatives to life, within augmented mobile and immersive virtual reality experiences. Our programmatic support allows us to develop our offering further as we give DSP’s and media buyers across the world access to unique inventory within this emerging platform”.

The latest figures show that AR was boosted significantly at the end of 2017 with the release of Android’s ARCore, and Apple’s ARKit which will give over 1.7 billion Android users access to AR apps by the end of 2021(1), and currently an estimated 381 million Apple users, with potentially 850 million by the end of 2020(2). These numbers and their associated revenue opportunities have already sparked the predictable AR content gold rush. VR headsets are also finally reaching the tipping point as sales in 2017 reached 5 million units.(3)

There is also a new addition to the Adverty team with Adam Hemming recently joining as Chief Revenue Officer. Adam has worked with agency groups such as Dentsu Aegis and Publicis over the last 16 years. Adam also brings global experience to the team from his time working in London, Sydney, Madrid and in Singapore where he worked as CEO of ZenithOptimedia. Adam is tasked with setting up the London office and developing partnerships with agencies and brands across the globe.

Adam commented “The possibilities and new realities that will become available to consumers and advertisers are enormous. I am convinced that in the near future we will be at the centre of a very different advertising world, and that this will happen in a much shorter timeframe than most people expect. I’m really pleased to be a part of what we are building at Adverty – a sustainable and premium means for brands to naturally integrate into these new worlds.”

Adverty is growing rapidly, and is being recognised by some of the biggest companies and brands in the world, whilst delivering new marketing opportunities to the advertising industry.

About Adverty

Founded in 2016, Adverty is an ad tech company that empowers mobile, augmented and immersive virtual experiences for brands to connect with consumers in the right place at the right time. Its platform lets creators of virtual and augmented reality content monetise with easy-to-integrate, non- intrusive native advertising. More information at




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