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Super Bowl Ads 2018: Winners and Losers in Views and Sentiment

For advertisers and marketers, the real contest Sunday night was about Super Bowl ads. According to USA Today’s Ad Meter, Amazon won the contest with a celebrity-filled storyline about Alexa losing her voice. The ad starred Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B, Anthony Hopkins, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos himself.

Super Bowl Ads The NFL took the second spot with a celebration of touchdown celebrations that showed Eli Manning has got the moves like Swayze, while Budweiser took third with an ad about providing water to people in need. USA Today notes that Budweiser has won more than any other advertiser.

To see how these ad views turned into online responses, marketing technology company Amobee measured social media sentiments throughout the game. Here is its list of the ten Super Bowl ads that drew the most engagement:

1. Dodge Ram
2. Mountain Dew
3. Pepsi
4. Budweiser
5. Alexa
6. Doritos
7.  Pringles
8. Groupon (tie)
8. Toyota (tie)
10. Tourism Australia (tie)
10. Stella Artois (tie)
10. Bud Light (tie)

But that’s only half the story. Dodge Ram had by far the highest level of engagement, mentioned in 42 percent of all Super Bowl posts, but those sentiments were overwhelmingly negative since Dodge had used quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. in a commercial selling trucks.

Mountain Dew was mentioned in 18 percent of ad posts, while Pepsi was mentioned in 11 percent, both in a better light than Dodge. The NFL’s Eli Manning/Odell Beckham Jr. spot got an overwhelmingly positive response, with 67 percent of posts liking the ad.

The top celebrity mentions were for Morgan Freeman (selling Mountain Dew), Michael Jackson (selling Pepsi, posthumously), and Cardi B (in the winning Amazon Alexa ad).

“From the meta energy of Tide’s ‘we can make anything a Tide ad’ campaign, to Doritos and Mountain Dew’s lip sync battle between Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage, to Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. having  the time of their life in a Dirty Dancing-themed NFL spot; most of the audience favorites this year were all about having fun,” says Amobee principal analyst Jonathan Cohen. “There still was some more serious fair that was well received, for instance Coca-Cola’s ad about diversity and Verizon’s thank you to first responders generated particularly positive audience sentiment in real-time, but the volume of audience reaction was more around comedic fare.”

Head to YouTube Ad Blitz to sample all the Super Bowl ads.


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