Pixability Promises YouTube Safety, ComScore Measures OTT Views

If YouTube can’t assure brands of safe placement on YouTube, video advertising software company Pixability will step in to fill the need. Pixability announced two solutions today, DependAbiility Premium and DependAbility at Scale, which promise completely safe ad placements. DependAbility Premium uses human review, third-party verification, and the company’s own in-house technology to vet  every placement. DependAbility at Scale combines brand safety and viewability, but doesn’t measure each placement for brand appropriateness.

PixabilityTo assure brand safety, Pixability judges each placement on a five-point scale, one that’s customizable to the advertiser’s needs. Pixability’s artificial intelligence software measures the campaign placement list, and the scorecard looks at third-party measures for viewability, bot traffic, and completion rates. Pixability doesn’t just take this measurement once, but throughout the campaign.

DependAbility Premium scans nearly 8 million YouTube channels to create a metadata database, ranks placements for each in 20 content categories, and both whitelists and blacklists videos and channels to ensure safe placements. If any ads are show on unsafe content, advertisers will get a refund for those views.

“The brand safety conversation has evolved significantly over the last few months, as advertisers wake up to just how individualized their approach to the issue needs to be,” says Bettina Hein, Pixability’s founder and CEO. “We’re confident that our two-tiered solution will give advertisers the flexibility they need and the peace-of-mind they deserve, knowing their video ads appear only in contextually-appropriate environments, according to their own definition of brand-safe.”

Also in the news, measurement specialist ComScore announced it will include video game console and over-the-top (OTT)/subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) measurements in its Activation suite. This adds 21 segments powered by the company’s Total Home Panel. With ComScore Activation, marketers can create detailed targeting profiles to reach desired demographics and platforms. These segments will be available to advertisers using Adobe Audience Manager, AppNexus, LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Store, Neustar IDMP, and Tru Optik.

“With more than 58 million homes viewing an average of 59 hours of OTT content each month, it has become a greater challenge for media buyers and sellers to engage this growing audience,” says Dan Hess, chief product officer at ComScore. “We’ve combined insights from across our extensive cross-platform footprint to develop these new segments, which enable our clients to reach these viewers through other content they consume.”


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