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Lean-In: Why Mobile Video Offers the Best Results for Ads

When people lean-in to view video content, and that video covers the whole screen, ads have more impact.

Australian marketing and technology company ThinkTV has released a study looking at video advertising performance on mobile devices, and the results will make advertisers want to lean-in, as well. University of Adelaide professor Karen Nelson-Field used eye-tracking software and AI technology to study 2,500 Australians as they watched over 18,000 ads on various platforms and then shopped for products.

ThinkTV lean-inThe results show video-on-demand (VOD) content from broadcasters viewed on mobile devices has the largest impact. After that came broadcast VOD on computers, and then standard TV viewing.

Mobile delivers impressive results, Nelson-Field says, because viewers hold the smaller screens closer to their eyes, and their peripheral vision adjusts to that closeness. Because of that, passive viewing on mobile screens has more impact than passive viewing with other platforms. Also, the amount of screen covered by the ad correlated strongly with viewer attention and product sales.

Because of the lean-in effect, TV, Facebook, and YouTube viewing on mobile devices has more of an impact that watching the same content on a desktop computer.

“With mobile devices increasing in importance for video viewing, we can see that all platforms benefit from the lean-in viewing experience. Of course, as we predicted, those with better inherent ad visibility still benefit more,” Nelson-Field says. “When we measured YouTube, Facebook, and TV on PC, as well as TV on the TV set, we could clearly see why certain platforms drive higher levels of attention and greater levels of advertising impact than others. And in simple terms this is about visibility.”

Her research converts these results into stats to show how much more effective mobile is: Broadcaster VOD content performed 17.5 percent stronger than YouTube content, and 33 percent stronger than Facebook video.

View ThinkTV’s summary of the findings for more information.


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