Instagram Influencer Marketing Exploded in 2017, Doubling in Size

Influencer marketing on Instagram doubled in size last year, according to a report from influencer marketing platform Klear. Counting #ad mentions, it found 1.5 million sponsored Instagram posts in 2017, which was twice the number from 2016.

InstagramSo which companies are spending on Instagram influencers? Klear dug into the data and found that fashion and accessories, beauty and cosmetics, and food and beverages were the three industries partnering with influencers most often. The largest number of sponsored posts originated in the U.S. (followed by the U.K., Italy, and Germany), and 83.9 percent of #ad posts were created by women. Not surprisingly, millennial creators dominated this area, with 42 percent of all sponsored posts created by people age 18 to 24.

When brands go looking for influencers, they have value in mind. Klear found that micro-influencers were a popular option in 2017. Consider that 47.5 percent of Instagram #ad posts got between 10 and 100 likes. That shows campaigns were concentrating on smaller influencers  Also, 24 percent of campaigns got between 100 and 1,000 likes, while 18 percent got fewer than 10 likes.

The average #ad post got 682 likes in 2017, Klear says.

“2017 was the year that sponsored content reached a new level of transparency,” writes Klear digital marketer Yuval Maoz in a blog post. “The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) transparency shared in September new guidelines for sponsored posts, requesting relevant posts to be captioned with #ad or #sponsored for full disclosure. Brands and agencies adopted those rules quickly. The data shows that adding new layers of transparency to the sponsored posts didn’t hurt the growth of the industry.”

Klear got its data by analyzing all 1.5 million #ad posts, then comparing the results with historic data. To get a look at the top brands in each influencer category, download the full report for free (registration required).


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