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Influencer Marketing Mistakes: Poor Compensation Tops the List

What influencer marketing mistakes do brands and agencies commit all the time? According to the influencers themselves, not offering adequate compensation tops the list. In a survey of influencers, 73 percent cited that as a big mistake brands make. That was followed by having overly restrictive content guidelines (48 percent), requiring too many social shares or demanding sharing on every social channel (41 percent), and not giving adequate time to create the work (35 percent).

influencer marketing mistakes

Carina Witthöft, an influencer represented by the Jung von Matt Group

This data comes from “Influencer Marketing: What Drives Influencers,” a report created jointly by brand marketing technology company Brandnew IO, social media technology company Facelift, and sports marketing company the Jung von Matt Group. To get their results, the companies surveyed over 1,200 influencers in 2017.

How poorly are influencers being paid? Nearly 20 percent of those surveyed said they got giveaways instead of money and 33 percent got less than $500 per campaign. While 28 percent got between $500 and $1,000 per campaign, only 8 of the 1,200 influencers surveyed made between $10,000 and $25,000 per campaign, and only 3 made over $25,000 per campaign.

The study also looks at how influencers would like to work closer with brands. Rather than being hired help brought in to assist with a campaign, influencers often want to take a deeper role in the product’s success. When asked how they would like to work with brands in the future, the most common response was “I would like to be more involved in the creative process,” selected by 72 percent. After that, 68 percent said “I would like to be involved in ambassadorships,” 57 percent said “I would like to attend more events,” and 54 percent said “I would like to receive more gifted products.”

“Everyone talks about influencers, but few know what really motivates and drives them,” says Toan Nguyen, a partner at Jung von Matt. “This study not only reveals potential, but protects brands from false expectations.”

For more on influencer marketing mistakes, perceptions, and drivers, download the full report for free (registration required).


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