360° Videos Score 46% Better Completion Rates Than Regular Videos

VR and 360° ads perform far better than their non-immersive counterparts, reports OmniVirt. Considering that OmniVirt is a VR/AR ad platform, that’s what you’d expect it to claim, but it has the numbers to back it up. In its first 360° VR Advertising Performance Report, if shows that immersive content is much more compelling for viewers. After studying data from over 700 million served ads, it found 360° videos have a 46 percent better completion rate than standard video. Also, 360° videos averaged an 85 percent video completion rate, compared to 58 percent for standard videos.

Viewers spend an average of 31 seconds with a 360° video, and 86 percent of viewers will interact with it. To create a successful immersive video, think of scenes the viewer will want to spend time in and explore, the report advises. Invite viewers in to play and click around.

One happy client is the marketing team behind Fifty Shades Darker, which worked with OmniVirt on 360° VR assets.

“OmniVirt’s platform allowed us to seamlessly integrate the 360° VR experience into our existing media plan, target the film’s specific audience across web and mobile platforms, and measure the impact of the creative,” said Keith Baker, director of integrated media at Maxus Global. “We witnessed a 10x uplift in engagement across mobile display placements when compared to the control ad unit, and saw viewers spending around 2 minutes in this experience on mobile devices.”

The report also compares 360° photos with standard photos, finding that immersive photos enjoyed a 300 percent better click-through rate, and a viewability score 14 percent better.

“Pushing the boundaries of brand experiences is critical at a time where the fight for audience attention is fierce as ever (#bannerblindness),” the report says. “As audience engagement and interactions with brands increasingly become more important over impressions, advertisers are looking for ways to guarantee high engagement and interaction.”

360° video

The Fifty Shades Darker 360 Experience


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