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The Top 5 Ways Publishers Use Influencer Marketing: IAB Report

Think influencer marketing is over? Turns out it’s just getting started. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) more publishers are offering influencer marketing programs as part of their branded and native content offerings. That’s why the IAB created a report on the subject to help publishers, marketers, and agencies understand how to get the most out of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketingIn influencer marketing, a brand, agency, or publisher works with influencers to drive their brand messages and meet their campaign goals. Influencers are online personalities who can reach a large audience, drive a conversation, and sell products or services to their fans. Influencers don’t always provide mass reach; micro-targeting with small but influential influencers can also be effective.

As the IAB report says, publishers are now introducing or expanding influencer marketing offerings for their partners. It’s not all about pushing products, though. Here are the top five ways publishers use influencer marketing to help themselves.

  1. Awareness: Influencer marketing helps build an editorial brand and engages the right audience on a publisher’s platform.
  2. Monetization: Influencer offerings help grow ad revenues and add more reach and engagement to branded content programs.
  3. Research: Running influencer campaigns helps publishers understand what consumers are looking for and shines a light on market trends.
  4. Diversification: Offering influencer campaigns lets publishers create stand-alone promotional material that’s separate from their content studios’ usual output.
  5. Self-Promotion: Attracting viewers with a live influencer campaign doesn’t just help the brand involved. It’s also helps the publisher promote its own live events and drive engagement before, during, and after the live event.

“Like brands, publishers are seeking ways to reach consumers in more native ways to be as credible and relevant with their desired audiences as possible,” the report says. “Especially with concerns over audience fragmentation, decreasing organic reach on social media platforms, brand safety concerns, and even ad blocker impact on display, publishers are continuously exploring new ways to effectively reach audiences and enhance engagement.”

For more, such as the five ways marketers can benefit from influencer campaigns, download “Inside Influence: Why Publishers are Increasingly Turning to Influencer Marketing—and What That Means for Marketers” for free (no registration required).


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