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Cross-Screen Video Campaign Planning: Tips From Experts at CES

Running a successful cross-screen video campaign will become an imperative in 2018. No one platform can reach a wide enough range of viewers, so covering them all is an essential for targeting nearly any type of consumer.

cross-screen at CESTo get advice on cross-screen strategies, partnered with VideoAmp to interview experts at C Space, the marketing section of CES. Here’s a little of what we learned:

Don’t Overdo It

“I think the right message on the right screen, and be mindful of frequency,” said Todd Johnson, vice president of emerging technology at YuMe, when asked for cross-screen strategies. “We live in an ad-heavy world. We all know this; we go through it day-to-day. We did some research last year with Kantar Millward Brown that shows that nine times is an optimal video frequency to drive home brand message. So, being thoughtful about that.”

Vet Those Sets

“Make sure you know the data sets you’re using in which to help you make those advertising decisions,” explained Kelly Abcarian, senior vice president of product leadership at Nielsen. “Many data sets are made available in which to help do cross-screen planning, but some data sets have certain biases or discriminations against viewers. So really vet the data sets you’re using.”

Open That Wallet

“I would say specifically for digital advertisers they need to keep in mind they’re going to pay more,” said Kelly McMahon, vice president of global demand operations at SpotX. “You’re looking at audiences not only on desktop where you maybe are accustomed to paying slightly lower CPMs. You’re looking at a holistic strategy and that’s going to bump up the rates you’re used to paying. However, you’re creating that continuity and there’s a lot more value that you can derive from a more holistic strategy. So, don’t be afraid to pay a little bit more.”

For more cross-screen advice from the experts, including the benefits of running cross-screen campaigns and how to overcome measurement challenges, watch the video below.


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