Cross-Platform Measurement Arrives From ComScore and Sling TV

Measurement is finally catching up with advertising demands. Research company ComScore announced that it’s partnering with Sling TV to offer cross-platform measurement data for advertising campaigns. Because many households don’t have traditional pay TV accounts (Magna estimates there are currently 29 million U.S. cord-cutter or cord-never households) reaching online viewers is critical for advertisers. This partnership joins viewing data from Dish set-top boxes and Sling TV accounts to provide a look at how ad campaigns are doing across a variety of screens, whether TV, mobile, or desktop.

cross-platform measurementThe partnership touches on several critical areas for today’s video marketers. First, it provides a way to reach younger online viewers in a brand-safe environment. YouTube especially has stumbled in the area of brand safety. Second, it offers validated campaign performance from a trusted third-party provider. Providing transparent and reliable data has notably been an issue for Facebook, which prefers to keep its information private.

Dish Media Sales began offering cross-platform addressable ads across Dish and Sling TV in 2012.

“Bringing Sling TV’s impressions into the measurement fold gives advertisers an apples-to-apples view of their campaign across platform, device, and even alongside traditional TV,” says Adam Lowy, head of Sling TV advertising sales. “We’ve partnered with ComScore to offer advertisers a single, trusted metric to validate their campaigns and bridge these targeted, addressable TV impressions, regardless of where they run.”


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