Creative Assets Workflow Inefficiencies Plague Video Advertisers

The video advertising industry can pinpoint TV and online viewers with a remarkable degree of precision, yet it can’t find the files it needs when putting together a campaign. That’s the brutal finding of “The Current State of Sourcing and Preparing Creative Assets for Video Campaigns,” a research study issued by cross-platform advertising solutions specialist Extreme Reach.

creative assets While video ads can be purchased at scale in a split-second, the creative workflow that launches these campaigns is sluggish and cumbersome, Extreme Reach says. The situation is so bad that 70 percent of those surveyed report the industry should simply start from scratch and create an entirely new workflow for creative assets management, one that relies on technology. Also, 88 percent of those surveyed want a service that lets the media agency, creative agency, and client share and access creative assets from a central, permissions-based cloud location.

The manual process of asset management is a big part of the problem agencies face. Extreme Reach says nearly 60 percent of employees close to campaign activation say the manual process causes mistakes, and over half say disconnected hand-offs lead to late starts for video campaigns.

Extreme Reach worked with Advertiser Perceptions to create the study, which questioned 150 people in September and October. Advertiser Perceptions also conducted three one-on-one interviews with ad operations professionals.

“We’ve come so far in leveraging data and technology in media for precision targeting,” says Melinda McLaughlin, CMO of Extreme Reach. “However, in the race to that advancement, a system was never established for how the creative assets would be sourced and prepared for digital video activation. In the absence of a system to handle this complexity, we collectively find ourselves in a mess that serves no side well and most importantly, is affecting campaign success.”

View the full report online for free (no registration required).


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