Connected TV Devices Now More Common Than Tablets: YuMe

Connected TV devices — which include set-top boxes, Wi-Fi-enabled TVs, gaming consoles, and Wi-Fi-enabled Blu-ray Players — are now more common in the U.S. than tablets: 60 percent of households have a CTV device, while 57 percent have a tablet.

That fact comes from new research from online video advertising company YuMe working with Nielsen to study CTV adoption in the United States. Understanding the popularity of CTV devices is critical for marketers trying to reach connected consumers, YuMe believes.

connected tv devicesSince 2013, ownership of connected TV devices has doubled. In fact, households now average three CTV devices. Set-top box (STB) ownership has also surged, growing at 1.5x since 2013. Households average two STBs.

These devices aren’t gathering dust either: 74 percent of people who own a CTV device use it daily. They use it for the same type of viewing that they do on broadcast or cable TV, with primetime hours getting the most viewing. They usually watch movies and TV shows on their large-screen TVs, saving short-form videos for their phones or computers.

What all this means is that a lot of people are streaming their favorite shows to the biggest screen in the house, and if marketers want to reach them they’d better have a cross-screen strategy in place.

“We believe CTV devices have become prominent fixtures in the lives of today’s connected consumer,” says Michael Hudes, chief revenue officer at YuMe. “To reach and influence connected consumers, marketers must take into account shifts in device preference and behavior, elevate the role of CTV in cross-screen campaigns, deliver targeted ad campaigns, and sync campaigns across platforms.”

Nielsen got these results by surveying 2,410 U.S. adults in June and July. Of those, 1,465 owned a CTV device and 884 owned an OTT device. For more, download “Connected TV Fast Forward” for free (registration required).


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