T-Commerce Ready for Takeoff: 76% Would Buy Through Televisions

With consumers streaming more online video to their living room TVs—and seeing more targeted commercials as they watch—are they ready for the next step? Are they ready for T-commerce, which lets them buy products directly through their TV sets?

T-commerceA new study answers an emphatic yes. TV ad technology company Connekt surveyed 320 active TV viewers and shoppers earlier this month, and found that 76 percent said they would shop through their TVs during real-time programming if the option existed. Of that group, 65 percent said they would purchase products shown in TV commercials, while 35 percent would rather buy products highlighted in TV shows.

When asked why they were interested in shopping through their TVs, 74 percent liked the convenience of T-commerce. Next, 66 percent said they liked the ability to buy a product the moment they saw it.

While some consumers will buy big-ticket items through their living room TVs, those surveyed were most interested in buying household goods like cleaning products or cosmetics. Next up were consumer electronics, clothing, and home and garden products. Before they can buy through their TVs, however, consumers need to be made aware of the technology. Connekt found that 78 percent were unaware of technology that lets them make purchases through their TVs.

Conveniently, Connekt offers a T-commerce solution (the ShopTV app, which it says is embedded on 10 million TVs), and these are the items consumers purchased most often through their TVs this holiday season: Amazon Echo, Kohler digital showering system, and Ray-Ban Chromatic sunglasses.

“TV remains the most prolific way for brands to reach consumers, and smarter TVs mean smarter advertising where brands can move consumers from awareness to a transaction without ever leaving their TVs,” says Tripp Boyle, senior vice president for Connekt.

For more data, see the Connekt T-commerce survey press release.


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