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App Install Survey Shows Video Ads Work Better Than TV Spots

For app developers, video ads are the most effective way to go. Mobile ad platform AdColony has released the fall 2017 version of its App Install Marketing Survey, and it shows a big preference for video in app install marketing. The survey questioned the top 100 grossing app developers and looked for trends in how they market their products.

app installVideo makes up 57 percent of the advertising and marketing budgets for app developers. Breaking that down, 27 percent goes to full-screen video ads, 21 percent to social network video ads, 8 percent to in-feed video ads, and 1 percent to television spots. Those surveyed said they were moving more budget to online video ads and shifting it away from television commercials. TV simply isn’t an effective platform for mobile apps. Print and radio ads are also non-starters.

When they were asked to rate the effectiveness of various marketing channels, those surveyed ranked social video, full-screen video, and social display the highest. While playable ads were only rated fifth in overall effectiveness, the survey sees a lot of enthusiasm around the format. The more budget advertisers shift to playable ads, the more success they have. As the average budget for playable ads has grown from 2 percent in Q3 2016 to 6 percent in Q4 2017, ratings for usage, excitement, and effectiveness have shot up. In Q4 2017, 71 percent of app marketers who tried playable ads rated them as effective.

Looking to 2018, 46 percent of those surveyed were excited about playable ads, 26 percent were excited about full-screen video ads, and 13 percent were excited about social video ads.

AdColony also asked app marketers what their key performance indicators were in their marketing efforts. Gaining quality users was overwhelmingly the top choice, besting level of service, volume, price, and targeting. Quality users are those who stay with the app and make in-app purchases.

For more survey results, download the full report for free (registration required).


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