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Keep it Short; Businesses Prefer Videos Under 3 Minutes in Length

When it comes to videos, businesses prefer to get to the point. Online video platform Wistia [1] has released its first annual State of Video for Business report, and it finds that 52 percent of business videos are under 3 minutes long. That’s not to say that all corporate videos are short, as 35 percent were five minutes or longer.

Wistia for businessesWistia’s report looked at 6.7 million videos created and uploaded to its platform in 2017, representing output from 300,000 companies. Creating video brings a human touch to online businesses, Wistia says. The videos it studied for this report were used for a variety of internal and external purposes, such as communicating with coworkers, customers, and prospects.

The report looks at when videos are viewed, and finds regular spikes during the work week, with more videos watched at the beginning of the week. Since Wistia’s clients are businesses, that not a big surprise. In Q3, viewers watched over 25 million minutes of video on an average workday.

Using gates on videos as a lead generation tool has proven popular with marketers, and Wistia shows that use of its Turnstile [2] tool, which captures names and email addresses, has risen 27 percent year-over-year. In Q3 2016 it captured 369,000 email addresses, while that rose to 468,000 addresses in Q3 2017.

“There’s no question that video is the preferred method of communication today, which makes it even more important for marketers to understand every element of how it’s consumed,” says Chris Savage, CEO of Wistia. “In order to engage new and existing audiences, marketers need to stand out from their competitors and show a level of authenticity that makes their videos relatable and engaging. By digging into our own customer data, we were able to uncover trends that we believe will help marketers make better, more effective decisions about using and making video.”

For more results from Wistia, view and download the full report [3] for free (no registration required, surprisingly).