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IAB Releases Vertical Video Guide: Give Shoppers the Full Picture

Your customers are mobile. If they’re young, they’re really mobile: Deloitte says 18- to 24-year-olds check their mobile devices 82 times per day. That means creating vertical video that fits the mobile screen is now an imperative.

vertical videoHelping marketers break out of their horizontal mindsets, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Vertical Video Working Group has created a guide to vertical video. It offers best practices for implementing a vertical-first strategy, and provides inspiration from successful vertical campaigns.

For example, the guide advises that verticals be shot in the correct orientation from the start. If marketers must shoot horizontally, they should be mindful of how their footage will be edited for vertical playback and have all action take place in the center of the frame. Most vertical ads are repurposed TV spots adapted to the orientation.

Go short with vertical, the guide says. Even ads six-seconds or less are now common, and these short ads get better completion and user retention rates. Young and mobile viewers will swipe away if they’re bored, so get to the action quickly and deliver a simple message.

By far the biggest advertising vertical taking advantage of vertical video ads is entertainment, which makes up 38 percent of all such ads. Coming far below are apparel, retail, and auto. Vertical video ads are mostly sold programmatically on private marketplaces. The big drivers for vertical are apps from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and

“There is an upside for marketers who go the extra mile to create experiences that more closely match the way mobile consumers are engaging with content,” writes Eric John, the IAB’s deputy director of video, in a blog post that introduces the guide. “Initial studies from companies such as YuMe, Facebook, and Snapchat indicate consumers are receptive to vertical video ads and that these ads can generate higher engagement rates and in some cases incremental brand lift.”

View the full guide for free (no registration required).



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