VR Ads Show Huge Product Recall Numbers, Finds YuMe Study

Maybe it’s the headset. YuMe Research studied VR ads and found that they were especially memorable when compared to banner ads and 3D interactive ads.

In order to study real-world performance with VR gamers, YuMe hosted a VR gameplay weekend. The goal was learning which VR ads were the most memorable. After exposing 54 gamers to three different ad formats, YuMe was ready to draw some conclusions.

YuMe VR adsAll VR ads shows strong brand recall, with 70 percent aided recall across all formats. Pre-rolls showed an 86 percent aided recall rate, which compares to 50 percent for banner ads and 25 percent for 3D interactive ads.

In unaided recall tests, VR pre-rolls had a 43 percent recall rate, compared to 38 percent for banner ads and 17 percent for 3D interactive ads.

YuMe also found pre-roll VR ads delivered the most positive experience. It measured this with a combination of EEG test data and facial expression markers.

The gamers were positive about VR ads in general, saying they found them less intrusive than other digital ads and well-integrated into the environment.

“We’ve heard a lot about the potential for immersive ad experiences,” explains Mireya Arteaga, research lead at YuMe. “To expand on our previous research into consumer engagement in VR, YuMe and its partners decided to look into measuring ad effectiveness in ‘true’ VR advertising—that is advertising within a tethered VR unit. The high-growth VR gaming vertical was a natural fit. Our intention was to understand whether ads were memorable within this environment. The results of the study show that VR delivers high ad recall and memorable branding opportunities. Pre-roll was the overall winner with nearly 90 percent aided recall, which may be credited to familiarity with the format, and its dedicated ad space before individuals engage in immersive gameplay. Overall, the data points to consumers’ positive reaction to VR advertising. In fact, 3 out of 4 found the virtual ad experience less intrusive than normal digital advertising, and 69 percent said the ad was well-integrated.”

For more data on VR ads, join YuMe for a webinar about the study on October 24.


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