Videology Launches DETVgo, a Self-Service Option for Advanced TV

DETV stands for “data-enabled television,” and it’s at the heart of DETVgo, Videology’s just-launched self-service offering. Video advertising technology company Videology has been moving toward advanced TV for the past few years, and now it’s making it easier for any agency or ad buyer to get their feet wet.

Videology touts DETVgo as a simple way for interested buyers to explore the benefits of data-enabled TV advertising, even trading programmatically. Access to the service is free.

DETVgoWith DETVgo, Videology is taking all the benefits of online video ad buying and bringing them to TV. Buyers can target specific audiences using advanced data sets, while reaching a larger group of viewers. Buyers can choose the networks, programs, or dayparts they want to buy on.

Forget the usual age and sex demos, Videology seems to be saying, as DETVgo lets buyers construct a target audience using over 60,000 data segments across 26 advertiser categories. That done, buyers set the parameters for their custom ad plan. Then, DETVgo automatically scans its available inventory. The service ensures delivery and reduces the need for make-goods, Videology says.

“We want to help advertisers and agencies who are interested in tapping into the benefits of data-enabled TV do so more easily. DETVgo accomplishes this by offering an easy access point to data-enabled TV audiences, coupled with Videology’s superior optimization capabilities, so that advertisers can begin to evaluate the benefits of advanced TV advertising for their brands,” says Scott Ferber, founder and CEO of Videology. “We believe that for many, DETVgo will serve as a gateway technology as they begin to explore the full range of capabilities and options now available for bringing advanced data to media planning, buying, and optimization.”

At the moment, the service is only available to a select group of advertisers, but Videology plans to open it to everyone in the first week of November. In preparation, buyers are invited to visit the site and pre-order a login.

A DETVgo screen


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